Bob Chinn'sLegendary seafood On Wheeling's Famous Restaurant Row

Bob Chinn was born in
Duluth, Minnesota on March
2nd, 1923 - the 3rd of 7
children. His parents, Wai and
Yung Shee Ong Chinn, were
immigrants from the Chinese
city of Toishan. After a short
stint working at a California
laundry, Bob's parents moved
to the Midwest and entered
the Chinese restaurant

When it comes to food, seafood is not a Midwestern specialty. However, this stereotype is quickly shattered by Bob Chinn's Crabhouse, located on Wheeling's restaurant row, Milwaukee Avenue (393 S Milwaukee Ave. Wheeling, Illinois, 60090).

What started out as a love for Hawaiian culture has since turned into a fantastic restaurant that delivers everything that a great restaurant should have: great food, great atmosphere, and a great wait staff.

As you walk in the restaurant, the decor that strikes you is a combination of things that would be better suited for a fish market restaurant on the coast of Florida, not the northwest suburbs of Chicago. However, the decor only adds to the "at home" feeling that one should feel in a great restaurant. Known for their quick table turn-around,

Never fear, as the main draw and the main reason the restaurant is crowded every evening is not the sea-fairing decor or gift shop. Though this is a casual dining restaurant (a dress code is nonexistent), the food is far from lack luster. From pastas to landlubber's food choices to market price, fresh fish, Chinn's has you covered and then some

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